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A baby bunny on our front porch by pugwash1 A baby bunny on our front porch :iconpugwash1:pugwash1 2 0 Destiny 2 exotic smg riskrunner by pugwash1 Destiny 2 exotic smg riskrunner :iconpugwash1:pugwash1 0 0 Destiny 2 exotic hand cannon sunshot by pugwash1 Destiny 2 exotic hand cannon sunshot :iconpugwash1:pugwash1 0 0 Destiny 2 exotic auto rifle sweet business by pugwash1 Destiny 2 exotic auto rifle sweet business :iconpugwash1:pugwash1 0 0
Tuff hunters bloodline s1 e13 genblem's demise
Elsewhere ten cal and dusk were at a old particle accelerator testing facility looking for heat genblem
( )
Ten: why would heat genblem come here?
Cal: the shard for one thing but why this old place
Then a voice over the intercom could be hear
VO: the particle accelerator will activate in 3 minutes
Dusk: that can't be good
Cal: yeah if the accelerator goes off it'll go through the building and who knows what else
Dusk: then there's no time to lose let's move guys!
They then started to race to the particle accelerator main room fast all the while hearing the timer Going down
They soon reached the firing room
There standing next to the controls was heat genblem
Heat genblem: the devil gundam will show this world its stupidity our plan created by our master storm king I am the final storm general heat genblem!
( )
Heat genblem then tucked his head in and sent a wave of fire out
The hunters ducked in between the wave of fire
Heat ge
:iconpugwash1:pugwash1 1 3
Tuff hunters bloodline s1 e12 cocapetri's doom
Dawn: so we only have popla cocapetri and heat genblem how do we handle this?
Dusk: we go at one together it take longer but more effective but we split up we can take both
Anna: it doesn't matter how we do it we have to stop then there are only two shards left and who knows how their commander is gonna react to us having the rest
Ten: Anna's right we have to stop them
Cal: but guys don't you think this is I don't easy almost too easy
Eli: yeah so far our collection of these shards seem too easy to get maybe there's something else here
Dawn: I know Eli but we still have to deal with this no matter how easy it looks
Casval: your correct dawn and I have the latest sightings of the two final generals
Dawn: so popla cocapetri is in here?
Cal: according to the lady sighting yes
Anna: but still the ruins of DOOM why here?
( )
Dawn: I'm more curious as to why mom put a shard here?
Unknown to them popla cocapetri was watching he had hacked into the DOOM hq de
:iconpugwash1:pugwash1 2 2
Old stuck up returns
On sodor there's many traction vehicles steam diesel and motor. They all do their best to prove how reliable they are but not all traction see that. One day ian was at tidmouth sheds he had taken a goods train their the night before and decided to stay for the night he woke up hearing James complain as normal " where's the the fire lighter" he grumbled " my first train is due to depart soon if that lazy Dennis hasn't dozed off in a siding" " oh come now James" said Edward " Dennis has improved his work ethic and you know it he is no longer the lazy engine he was" James just rolled his eyes ian had heard stories of Dennis a lazy engine who got him self into trouble for sleeping on the job but every time he saw him he was working " I agree with Edward James I've seen him work in the station yard why pick on him for being lazy if he's not being lazy anymore?" James just grunted and as soon as his fire was lit he puffed away " don't mind him ian" sympathized Edward " he always find somethi
:iconpugwash1:pugwash1 0 0
Tuff hunters bloodline s1 e11 lunaedge's factory
Meanwhile ten Anna, were in ringworm
Ten: why would fenri Lunaedge come here?
Anna: don't know but at least he'll be easy to track
Anna was right where ever fenri lunaedge went he left paths of ice in his wake
( )
At a factory near the docks
Fenri lunaedge: gah this place it reminds me of the lab I was expermited in
Two icicles formed on his forearms
Fenri lunaedge: but the shard has to be here
Fenri lunaedge then started to slice up everything in his sight
Outside the factory ten and Anna met up with ty and Abby
Ty: so you think lunaedge is in here?
Abby: why the docks?
Ten: he was melting on the way here and closer to the ocean the colder it gets
Anna: now the factory that may have to do with his past
Ty: how so?
Ten: fenri lunaedge was experimeted on one of those experiments made him go nuts
Abby: okay that's enough to tell me we need to stop him
The four went inside
Ten: jezz look at this place lunaedge destroyed this place
Anna: yeah but where is he?
:iconpugwash1:pugwash1 1 1
Tuff hunters bloodline s1 e11 titanion's groove
At the groove in Beverly Hills cal Eli along with Sam clover and Alex were looking for sol titanion
Cal: man this heat is killing me
Eli: yeah this heat gets worse who knows what'll happen
Sam: we need to find sol titanion and fast
Alex: yeah but how she could be anywhere
Clover: I'm gusseing that sol titanion is a gaint butterfly
Cal: yeah why?
Clover: cause I found her
Clover pointed in a direction and there was sol titanion
( )
Sol titanion: ah yes the burning of this place is so beautiful
Cal: stop this sol titanion
Sol titanion: you again you will look lovely as I burn you all
Eli: Sam clover Alex you look for the shard
Clover: but what bout you two?
Cal: we can handle sol titanion
Sol titanion: it doesn't matter what you do no matter how much you sweat or how many tears you shed the devil gundam will rise!
( )
Sol titanion then sent two of her flame fans at the two
Cal: watch it!
They dodge but the fans circled around and
:iconpugwash1:pugwash1 1 1
Tuff hunters bloodline s1 e10power of sol and luna
Hours turned to days days turned into weeks and still dawn and dusk hadn't unlocked what their power was
Dawn: three weeks here and still nothing maybe mom was wrong we don't have the power of the sun and Luna
Dusk: dawn its only been three weeks I as well wonder if our power is real
Dawn and dusk weren't the only the ones feeling the stress
Luna: sister it hasth three weeks and yet our students aren't closer to unleashing their inner power
Celestia: yes Luna I know but I have an idea
Luna: and what does touhest have in mind
Celestia whispers her plan to Luna who giggled at the idea
Luna: this will work correct?
Celestia: if I'm right it will
Dawn: I don't know bout you dusk but I'm bout ready to get back with the others
Dusk: while I agree we need to stay here until our powers are awakened
Then CRASH the door to dawn and dusks room broke open
Dawn: whose there?!
Nightmare moon: oh please you know who weth are
Dusk: nightmare moon?! But how?!
Daybreaker:  now don't go hogging the
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Tuff hunters bloodline s1 e9 power of sol and luna
A few days later after the attack on duff the hunters were still trying to figure out what the shards unlock
Dawn: maybe it's to another dimension where storm king won?
Dusk: possible but unlikely still though what is this thing and what is it?
Eli: can't be anything like the turn X or turn A that was found when Eric was first brought in
Cal: so that knocks any acient weapons
Anna: but what or who is it
But then a agent walked up to them
Agent: uh excuse me?
Dawn: what is it?
Agent: there's some one outside to see the six of you
Dusk: okay what's his name?
Agent: he didn't say but he's waiting for you says it has something to do with what you got from the generals
So the hunters went outside and saw a reploid he had a huge weapon on his back and he was wearing a square helmet
?: so your the hunters?
Dawn: yeah and who are you?
( )
Craft: my name is craft I was sent here to bring you six to celestial and Luna
Dusk: why? They could've come here to see us
:iconpugwash1:pugwash1 2 2
Tuff hunters bloodline s1 e8 duff assault
( )
The hunters arrived at duff hq and saw the mess that was going on
Dawn: my god...
Dusk: what are those suits?
Anna: they look like zakus but it's not a snap zaku
Ten: either way we have to stop them
Then one of the tempest zaku saw them was ready to open fire when he was sliced in two
( )
Allison: good timing guys
Anna: mom!
Another tempest zaku tried to get the drop on the hunters but got frozen over
( )
Emerald: mind your back dear
Anna: dad!
Dawn: where's mom?
Allison: last I checked she's still in her office
Then more tempest zakus landed
Emerald: you guys go get nighty me and Allison will handle these clowns!
Anna: kick their asses!
Allison: we will now get nighty
Dawn: thanks you two come on guys!
The hunters raced in as Allison and emerald dealt outside
Dawn: who in their right mind would do this?!
Dusk: whoever it is they'll pay for this!
Before they could reach the stairs to the next flo
:iconpugwash1:pugwash1 1 1
Tuff hunters bloodline s1 e7 polar opposites
At the magnetic testing grounds
( )
Dawn: and your positive mino Magnus went this
Eli: well there no other maverick that makes these prints this big
Cal: yeah but look st the mess he's made so far
The hunters had tracked mino magnus to the magnetic testing grounds and they saw the mess he made several magnetic distrubices had happened
Dayak: we don't stop him these disturbances will get worsen even the earth will get affected
Dawn: right come on let's find him
As they trekked through the testing grounds it wasn't smooth as they hoped
Dusk: GAH! Help!
Dusk was caught in a negative uplift
Dawn: *grabs his hands* I gotcha bro! *pulls him clear*
Dusk: whew thanks sis that was close
Ten: if that negative uplift affected dusk perhaps we can use it to our advantage
Cal: how?
Ten: I've looked at the blueprints of this place the main door way is on a high ledge by using these magnetic uplifts we can access that door with ease
Anna: good is ten
Ten blushes
Dawn: save
:iconpugwash1:pugwash1 1 3
Tuff hunters bloodline s1 e6 eclair' factory
Breifly after telling casval about the outpost we decide to find and follow pegasolta eclair
Dusk: why here though? What could he be looking for in equestria?
Eli: well what ever tech kraken and noble mandrago found its proubly here
Cal: we can ask anyone if they seen him
Dawn looks ahead and sees dark clouds
Dawn: uh guys isn't the Pegasus weather report saying that there's no rain today?
Ten: maybe it's for another place that needs it
Anna sees a tree melt away from the rain
Anna: that's not rain that's acid rain!
All: acid rain?!
Dawn: then that means pegasolta eclair is at the cloudsdale weather station it's the only place here for weather
Dusk: we can't go through that mess we'll melt
Anna: and we can't go around it it's too big
Eli: what about over it acid rain clouds aren't exactly big when there little of the substance to make it
Cal: yeah if we go over we can reach cloudsdale
Dawn: alright then come on!
Meanwhile at the weather factory
( )
:iconpugwash1:pugwash1 1 3
Tuff hunters bloodline s1 e5 tempests guards
( )
Prometheus drew his scythe
Prometheus: time to see if your worthy of being the bloodline of those hunters!
Prometheus charged in but was blocked by dusk who drew his beam saber
Dusk: why kill these agents?!
Prometheus: to draw you out to test your skill that's why!
Dawn grabbed pandora's staff and tried to get out of her grip
Dawn: ugh ten go get the others we can handle these two clowns!
Ten: right
Pandora:  you sent your teammate away why?
Dawn: I'm not telling you witch!
Then parts of pandoras " hair" came off one of ice one of electrical
Dawn: shit! *lets go of her staff and dodged the two parts
Pandora: you care about your teammates don't you?
Dawn: why does it matter to you?!
Pandora: ...... I don't know.....
Dusk: sis focus don't let her distract you!
Prometheus: like you are now?!
Prometheus swung downward but dusk dodged it
Pandora: ....sis?.....
Prometheus: for gods sake pandora attack them!
Pandora said nothing
Prometheus: pandora!!!
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Tf titans return hot rod w/ firebolt by pugwash1 Tf titans return hot rod w/ firebolt :iconpugwash1:pugwash1 0 0


Titan (Saint-14) by Noble--6 Titan (Saint-14) :iconnoble--6:Noble--6 180 6 Paxton - The White Sheep by TobyandMavisforever Paxton - The White Sheep :icontobyandmavisforever:TobyandMavisforever 9 37 Human Toby Holden Sprites by sodormatchmaker Human Toby Holden Sprites :iconsodormatchmaker:sodormatchmaker 12 36 Assistant Dean Capricorn Moon by WynterStar93 Assistant Dean Capricorn Moon :iconwynterstar93:WynterStar93 13 2 Barbatos Lupus Rex by Kamajaya-78 Barbatos Lupus Rex :iconkamajaya-78:Kamajaya-78 70 8 Taylor Cute by Taylorthedog1 Taylor Cute :icontaylorthedog1:Taylorthedog1 13 20 The Best Couple I've Decided by CandyPoupette The Best Couple I've Decided :iconcandypoupette:CandyPoupette 6 6 Music pone by TwitterShy Music pone :icontwittershy:TwitterShy 18 4 +~*TTTE*~+ Human!James by LovelyLadyKitty +~*TTTE*~+ Human!James :iconlovelyladykitty:LovelyLadyKitty 29 18 Ryan and Liz (Humanized) by steamdiesel Ryan and Liz (Humanized) :iconsteamdiesel:steamdiesel 25 17 Kiss for Ryan by BlueEngineLiz6 Kiss for Ryan :iconblueengineliz6:BlueEngineLiz6 31 15 Clash! Sazabi vs. Nu! by notIvan Clash! Sazabi vs. Nu! :iconnotivan:notIvan 5 0 A Mid-night Gale by Masterfeja A Mid-night Gale :iconmasterfeja:Masterfeja 2 1 MG Nu Gundam Ver. KA Unpainted. by Providenceangle MG Nu Gundam Ver. KA Unpainted. :iconprovidenceangle:Providenceangle 11 6 Dead Phonics: Exotic Scout Concept by InTheDark by DestinyWarlock Dead Phonics: Exotic Scout Concept by InTheDark :icondestinywarlock:DestinyWarlock 18 3 Victory Lap: Exotic Sidearm Concept by RagingCool by DestinyWarlock Victory Lap: Exotic Sidearm Concept by RagingCool :icondestinywarlock:DestinyWarlock 15 2


I like litghing the colors overall it's really well done I also like the mention it's giving of true love and staying by your freinds s...




A baby bunny on our front porch
Yeah this adorable little bunny decided to rest on our front porch 

edit: I also decided to name this little bunny dot as she has a little white dot on her head
Destiny 2 exotic smg riskrunner
Note: this is from the destiny 2 beta what you see may not what the full release look like
Destiny 2 exotic hand cannon sunshot
Note: this is from the destiny 2 beta what you see may not what the full release look like
Destiny 2 exotic auto rifle sweet business
Note: this is from the destiny 2 beta what you see may not what the full release look like
Now this while is gonna be a my first mlp fan fic it's also gonna be a crossover fan fic one that I have seen on fimfiction so I thought I take a crack at it it's a crossover fic of mlp and g1 transformers title 'friendship is the right of all sitent beings' so yeah I don't have specific day it'll start but keep your eyes out for that coming soon-ish
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